Photo of a yard with clover, deck furniture, and a walkway.Photo of a backyard with potted plants, furniture, and gravel.
Photo of a backyard with weeds and a walkway.Photo of a yard with lush grass, overhand and patio furniture.
Photo of a yard with shrubbery along the fencing, and a hose.Photo of a bench in a manicured lawn, with shrubbery.
Photo of a yard with a garden on either side.Photo of a yard with a garden in the back.

Why Join Our Team?

At HopeWorks the best of two worlds come together, margin and mission. The mission consists of career pathways created and the margin consists of earned income generated by the social enterprises. If you like to work in a dynamic field, with purpose and passion, you found it right here, at HopeWorks. Check out our current employment opportunities below.

Please refer to our partner organization, Housing Hope, for current job openings.

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