Photo of a yard with clover, deck furniture, and a walkway.Photo of a backyard with potted plants, furniture, and gravel.
Photo of a backyard with weeds and a walkway.Photo of a yard with lush grass, overhand and patio furniture.
Photo of a yard with shrubbery along the fencing, and a hose.Photo of a bench in a manicured lawn, with shrubbery.
Photo of a yard with a garden on either side.Photo of a yard with a garden in the back.

“I would advocate and recommend Ground Works to anyone looking for a reliable landscaping service, you folks have continued to do a good job for us the last several years.”

Randy Bellon, Manager, Jensen Business Park

“Thanks again for all of your help. The properties look great.”

Mark Cortado, Maintenance Supervisor, Coast Real Estate Services

“Everything has been looking great—your crew is doing a good job—thanks!”

Gary Logan, Maintenance Lead, Compass Health

“You did a great job! I love the way the rocks look! Thank you for being so great and sticking it out through such terrible weather.”

Maple Leaf Meadows

“Huge kudos to you and the team for the stunning sign bed in front of the building. This is work we can be very proud of. Great job!”

Mary Houston, M.A. Director of Enterprise Development

“I came home from work last night and parked the car in the driveway. I could barely recognize our yard. It looks beautiful—better than it has in years. Ron and I would be happy to have the Ground Works landscaping team work with us on future projects and to serve as a reference. Thank you for all you do.”

Kathy Borgoyne

“…I’m so excited about how nice my property looks. I had my initial clean up done today with continuing monthly service through Ground Works. Ground Works is an awesome program through HopeWorks that provides job/skills training for low income and formerly homeless folks in Snohomish County…Jim has been a pleasure to work with, the price is totally right, and my lawn/property looks amazing!”

Amanda Young
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