Care for the Whole Community

Ground Works believes that our proactive approach to the needs of our partners and their neighborhoods coupled with consistent and professional communication differentiates us from other landscapers. In contracting with Ground Works, you will be an outline of the care that was given to your property and any issues that may arise in the future and steps that can be taken to treat the issue. Creating a beautifully cohesive atmosphere will boost property values, occupancy rates, and leave occupants with a sense of pride in their neighborhood. By contacting with Ground Works Landscaping, you are investing in the prosperity of your community.

By supporting us, you are also supporting the development of individuals in Snohomish County who are pursuing a career pathway towards self-sufficiency. All profits are dedicated to supporting individual training efforts and helping provide opportunities for individuals to live life unassisted.

Our industry expertise will meet your landscaping objectives and project your community’s image through:

  • Timely and predictable maintenance to your landscape
  • Innovative and sustainable landscape designs
  • Aesthetically pleasing paver and stone retaining wall installations
  • Grading your landscape for natural irrigation
  • Installing advanced water-conserving irrigation systems

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